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About Savemi

Since 2011.

Savemi (pronounced Save Me) started its humble beginnings as a price comparison service for Video Games.  We would scour the internet for the best game deals for console and PC and report those on our website with affiliate links.  Google Penguin pretty much killed that business overnight.

Game Codes

Savemi then pivoted to the supply of Steam and Uplay game codes, with an impressive line-up of publishers on board.  Rising cost and lowering margins made that business unprofitable.

Digital Marketing

We looked at what we had and the most valuable commodity that we had was information.  How to build kick ass ecommerce stores and WordPress websites.  Savemi Digital Marketing continues to be the backbone of the business. As part of our total marketing service, we offer fast, Australian based Web Hosting.

Along Comes Zed Run

An old mate from my THQ days messaged me one day out of the blue and said “have a look at this.” Knowing my love of games and horse racing, combined with my new appreciation of NFT’s, I immediately saw it as a winner.  I picked up one of the first genesis horses made available to the public (#79) named “Banana Fluff.” Strange name, but it is actually the name of a dessert. Banana Fluff was a hit.  A strong middle distance runner that has won many races and tounaments.  Our stable has steadily grown from there with the acquisition of 2 other successful genesis horses ‘Bet This’ and ‘Karma Chameleon’.  Breeding has also been a big part of our success.

Atmospheric Water Generators

This concept was introduced to us by Rex Halverson, former Chair of the Noosa biosphere reserve.  We were immediately blown away by the potential of Atmospheric Water Generators to alleviate drinking water supply issues around the globe.  We have started with Australia and will look to expand as time goes on.

Thor Surge Protection

Atmospheric Water Generators are mid priced appliances that require protection.  Why not use the best?  Thor Technologies surge powerboards are designed in Australia and carry a significant warranty to back up their quality.

The future

We are always open to new distribution deals and partnerships.  If you have something that you need a little help to take to market, why not give us a call for a no obligation, free consultation.

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